Healthy Programs: Satisfied Families

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Hello, hello—

In case you are just joining us, in our Dynamic Directors’ Design we have been thinking about the components of healthy programs. We started with healthy directors who are professional, flourishing, confident and organized. We know that a healthy director has empowered staff. These teachers and teams are intentional, reliable, responsible and creative. Such strong teachers support and lead happy children. We know that happy little ones are engaged, learning, excited and curious. 

Our final component comes from those happy children which result in satisfied families. Families are the reason our programs exist—if they didn’t know, like and trust us with their children, we would not have a business! Let’s think a bit about those satisfied families and how they illustrate that for our programs.

Families who believe in the philosophy of a center and are assured that their children are receiving the best care possible will let you know. They are interactive with your program and take the time to communicate with the people there. They have ideas to share, they comment on important changes, they are supportive in problem-solving. These families are people you can count on when a challenge arises and they are there for you for celebrations, staff appreciation, special days and holidays. The time and energy that you as a director pour into families creates connection that supports and advertises the great things about your program.

The interactions that a satisfied family has with the program are one thing but the interactions they have with the people in their own worlds are so valuable. They talk about the care their child receives, they mention activities their family has enjoyed in the program, they bring in support from their own pool of acquaintances…all because they are content with the work that you do every day. There is no advertisement more valuable than content families!

Positivity spreads itself throughout the program.

Positivity spreads itself throughout the program. When parents are satisfied with their child’s day and the great care and education being received, they have positive attitudes, positive affect and positive words to share with you, with staff and with others in their community. Kind words and compliments go a long way in building staff morale and creating a positive atmosphere overall. 

Finally, satisfied families build strong bonds with the center and those involved by the respect that they offer. By accepting information as it is offered, by working to problem-solve challenges with their child, by following through on support tasks and parent engagement opportunities they reflect the respect that they have not only for the center and the people within it, but also for the profession of early childhood. With the appropriate information, they are be great advocates for our field. Richard Bach says that the bond that links people is “respect and joy in each other’s life.” There is really no finer connection than people who share a commitment to love and care for a young child.

Whether it is in-home, faith-based, non-profit, government-funded, part-day preschool only…any sort of organization or institution that cares for young children needs the four components we have discussed to be a strong, viable and healthy childcare business. Early Essentials is here to support you in any way to fill in gaps or brainstorm creative ways to grow your program. Let us know how we can work with you anytime.

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