Healthy Programs: Satisfied Families

Hello, hello— In case you are just joining us, in our Dynamic Directors’ Design we have been thinking about the components of healthy programs. We started with healthy directors who are professional, flourishing, confident and organized. We know that a healthy director has empowered staff. These teachers and teams are intentional, reliable, responsible and creative. […]

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Building A Tower

This picture of my youngest granddaughter struck me as a great example of what childcare center and preschool directors do every week! When we first got the cups out, she had never done this balancing activity before…so she automatically started stacking them one on top of another. Of course, this meant that they just collapsed

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A successful early education program or child care business depends on four essential pieces. The first and foundational of those pieces is a Healthy Director. Being a childcare center director is an occupation that is built on so many others! You wear this hat of staff morale officer, you wear that hat of child development

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