Creating GREAT Solutions for Effective Work with Young Children

Working with directors to build strong supportive early childhood systems through training, on-site assistance and advocacy

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Let Them Be Little

We see young children everywhere…

…at home, at church, at school…

in the mall, in the neighborhood, at the park.

Creating situations and settings where children can

grow, learn, develop and enjoy life

is critical to successful outcomes.


believes in the importance of…

advocating for children and families,

respecting children as learners,

supporting those who work in the field and

helping others to understand and implement this concept.


is designed around three pillars of belief

about quality services for young children and their families:

Engaging Environments

Family Partnerships

Intentional Teaching by Cohesive Teams


Whether  your program needs to… 

+ design individualized & appealing learning for your staff 

+ assist in classroom design and implementation 

+ collaborate for a special project or task 

+ provide engaging, hands-on activities for parent events or

+ lead a professional book study in your community…

anything is possible! 


About Sharon Jackson

I have been fortunate to work for forty years in the field that I love…getting paid to do what you enjoy is a great gift!

Early Essentials grew from that enjoyment and the personal satisfaction that comes from new learning, new ideas and new friends. My family is a great support to me…my husband who (mostly) cheerfully bears an environment that is often cluttered with books and papers and my children who accompanied me to centers and schools during their early years.

I believe in stewardship of resources and in tithing my time and talents. Those concepts undergird the work I feel called to do for young children and their families. 

I have a passion for inviting and exciting preschool, Pre-K and child care environments. I look forward to visiting with you to determine the best path to follow and the next steps that will bring you success and enhance the work being done in your world with little ones.

Dynamic Directors Design

Handling all the duties of directing a center or program can be overwhelming at times. EARLY ESSENTIALS can work with you to create a training plan, design parent meetings, build a professional development library or coordinate with other directors in your area to organize a regular support team or a monthly book study for your own growth and development.

For more direct and individualized support, join our online community on Facebook or invest in our “3D” MasterMind discussion and support group. 

Session topics include:

  • Skills for School: Partnering with Parents for Success
  • Empathy, Enthusiasm, Encouragement: Building Relationships with Families
  • Early Childhood Practices…for Adult Learners!
  • Being a Hands-On Director: Finding Ways to Walk the Talk
  • Ethics and Responsibilities for Directors
  • Hard Conversations: Getting Ready, Getting Started, Getting It Done
  • Self-Care: Intentional, Individual and Important!

What people say

Outstanding presenter...kept everyone engaged for the whole morning
Texas Child Care Center Director
Information will help me be a more intentional and effective teacher.
Pennsylvania Head Start Teacher
Our attendees appreciate all the hard work you put into your workshops and the information you have to share.
Faith Based Conference Organizer
We appreciate all you do to enrich the minds of our teachers
Early Childhood Methodist Conference

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