Intentional Teaching by
Cohesive Teams

Time for teams to interact, share and mentor one another can be a challenge to find…but time is essential for the best growth and connection opportunities. Required training hours can be difficult to arrange…and can be one more thing on a long to-do list. Setting up specific sessions to meet the identified needs of your staff or bringing in new and challenging ideas can be steps to  stronger team relationships AND higher quality experiences for children. 

Check out the suggested titles or create one of your own. Sessions are offered virtually or on-site…work days,  evenings, Saturdays or nap times with rotating participants can also be arranged.


  • Play: An Essential for Young Children
  • Music in the Lives of Young Children
  • Building a Child’s Mind: Intentionality in the Block Center
  • Quality Interactions: Building Brains, Language and Relationships
  • Engage Your Children for a GEM of a Day!
  • Connections for Children: Development of Early Friendships
  • Language Learning for Littles


  • Sharing Space and Time
  • Resolving Conflict with Peace and Patience
  • That’s NOT My Job!! Responsibilities and Relationships
  • Supporting Self-Care for Co-Workers
  • When Women Work Together

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