Be Your Best Self

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Who doesn’t want to do their best everyday? We all want to be effective in our daily work and still have energy to enjoy time with family and friends after that work is done. We often wish for more time in the day or more hours to accomplish the things on our list. Often doing things just for ourselves is the last thing we take the time for.

By definition, self-care is a “necessary human regulatory function, which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated”1. So by this definition, we can think of self-care as important (as in “necessary”), intentional (as in “deliberate”) and individual (as “under individual control”). 

However we think about it, though, making time is still a challenge. I think the best-kept secret about self-care is combining the steps with a routine or task that you do often…making a gratitude list while drying your hair, listening to music or a podcast while driving to work, celebrating wins while putting away dishes or memorizing Scripture or positive thoughts preparing for your day.

Here are some steps to create self-care opportunities throughout your day:

Support Each other: be present for those around you and let them know you value them in your life

Engage in Relaxation: several deep breaths at least every hour and being aware of your posture as you are sitting or walking

Listen to Your Needs: whether physical or emotional, be attuned and responsive to yourself

Find Joy in Small Moments: what we look for, we find more often…be intentional about seeking positive ideas, sights and sounds

Celebrate Your Successes: everyday is a new and special time for you to expect something great to happen!

Allocate Time for Yourself: this is the hardest one…but even five minutes for a shower, a quick check-in with a friend, a few minutes with a good book is a win 

Rest and Recharge: sleep is one of the most neglected aspects of a healthy lifestyle…turning in or setting the alarm a few minutes earlier can net some time over the course of a week

Empower Your Well-being: being your strongest self is the goal and little steps done with consistency make a big difference! 

Notice that each of the steps above start with an action word…and taking action for yourself is the best way to move forward with your important, intentional and individual plan to be your best self. When we take care of ourselves, we are free to offer our BEST to others, instead of what’s LEFT of ourselves. For an outline of a simple self-care plan, click here!

For excellence and joy…


1. Alexander Segall; Jay Goldstein (1998). “Exploring the Correlates of Self Provided Health Care Behaviour”

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Who doesn’t want to do their best everyday? We all want to be effective in our daily work and still have energy to enjoy time